Social commitment

Besides Siat’s firm ecological commitment, the Group also cares about its social responsibilities. In the catchment areas of its operations, the company assists communities with education and social infrastructure development such as roads, potable water, electricity, dispensaries and the like. These actions aim at creating commitment and stability, which in turn provide security for the Group’s investments. It is the Group’s policy to invest every year 0.5% of its turnover + 0.5% of the net profit in community development projects.

Community Relations

The Company, guided by its Social Commitment, continues with several community development projects as a practical demonstration of the spirit of partnership with and goodwill towards the people in the host communities.
Such projects include the Siat Scholarship Scheme under which students from host communities at Ubima and Elele estates receive scholarship grants. In addition, water pumps and boreholes are maintained in the villages. Other projects includes, construction of market places, assistance to primary and secondary schools, maintenance of roads, provision of electricity in host communities and the offer of employment to host communities.

Siat Nigeria Limited provides several university and polytechnic students with industrial training and research placements all year round.

L-R Egbu Community Electrification Project, Ihie Community Electrification Project, Omademe Community Market
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