Company Profile

SIAT Nigeria Ltd (SNL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of sa SIAT nv, a Belgian agro-industrial company specialized in industrial as well as smallholder plantations of tree crops, mainly oil palm and rubber, and allied processing industries such as palm oil mills, palm oil refining / fractionation, soap making and crumb rubber factories. SIAT diversified its activities into cattle ranching. SIAT has as its shareholders, agronomists and economists with experience in the development of agro-industrial ventures in the tropics.

In 2011, SNL acquired from the Rivers State Government the assets of Risonpalm, which comprise 16,000 hectares of old oil palm plantations, plus the entire social and industrial infrastructure such as the industrial oil palm complex. Both the Ubima (9513 ha) and Elele (5718 ha) estates are currently replanted.

As of 2017, SIAT Nigeria Ltd. (SNL) has:

  • Oil palm plantations of 15231 hectares of which 10863 are mature

  • A palm oil mill with a capacity of 60 tons fresh fruit bunches/hour

  • A palm kernel crushing plant with a capacity of 120 tons/day

  • Has storage capacity of products of 5200 tons Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and 600 tons Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO).

Besides SIAT Nigeria Limited, sa SIAT nv is the sole shareholder in the Ghana Oil Palm Development Company (GOPDC) in Ghana, in the Compagnie Heveicole de Cavally and in the Compagnie Heveicole de Prikro in Ivory Coast as well as in Swift Rubber in Cambodia. Siat also holds 99% in SIAT Gabon  and 60% in Presco Plc in Nigeria 

Brief History of Siat Nigeria



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